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My Bio

If I had known that KJOs actually read my personal bio from time to time-- (WHY are these people so obsessed with me?) --I would've been updating it regularly!


1. Clipped toe nails (oh no, this isn't a SIN is it??);
2. put straws up my nose and said "Look at me, look at me, I am a walrus!"
3. Got hair cut last week, because even "heretick's" hair gets too long.
4. Accidentally caught a glimpse of a (*gasp*) secular t.v. show while flipping around dial to watch Christian preaching. Please don't tell me that I will go to hell for this!

(LINK): For Paranoid King James Onlyists: Repentance From Conspiracy Theories, FAQ

Every paranoid KJV Onlyist's Nightmare: YOU ARE BEING WATCHED!

My Occupation

C.I.A., ha ha. Or IS it a joke?

My Hobbies


For the seekers, curious, or the skeptics, atheists -- or other critics of Christianity, visit: (LINK): Lion of Judah: Christian Apologetics Site

Check out all the ANTI KJV Only Resources at (LINK): King James Onlyism is a False Teaching

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